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Issue: Data Privacy

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield maintains legal limbo for transatlantic data transfers

A new deal for EU-U.S. personal data transfers was rushed through after the European Court of Justice invalidated the previous Safe Harbor agreement. It is however still doubtful whether the new framework meets EU data protection requirements.

Issue: European Integration

Kosovo is slowly moving closer to normalising its relationship with the EU

Seven years after Kosovo's declaration of independence, Kosovo is still facing substantial obstacles to regularising its relationship with the EU. We had a discussion with Kosovo's Minister of Interior Affairs, Skender Hyseni, about what lays ahead.

Issue: Roma Inclusion

We are condemning a generation of Roma children to growing up in walled ghettos

Roma segregation is frequent in Romania. In Baia Mare, a social-housing complex mostly inhabited by Roma people is becoming a walled-in ghetto. In Roșia, Roma children are sent to segregated schools. Both is allegedly being done for the wellbeing of the children.

Issue: Roma Inclusion

What western Europe can do for one of the most marginalised communities in the EU

The presence of Roma people is a contested and divisive issue across Europe, and oftentimes local authorities make the problem worse by destroying camps and pushing communities from one location to another, thereby stigmatising and reinforcing negative stereotypes.

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